Sichuan Earthquake: Comba Telecom Supplies Telecom Equipment to Sichuan Disaster Zones and Donates RMB1 Million

Supply of Telecoms Equipment to Disaster Zone


In order to facilitate the resumption of telecoms services to aid disaster relief work, Comba Telecom supplied emergency telecom equipment to Sichuan earthquake-hit areas with the full support from the China Ministry of Civil Affairs.  On 13th May, the day following the earthquake, Comba delivered an initial batch of 200 BTS antennas to Sichuan by air. 

Meanwhile, Comba expedited the manufacturing of required equipment and in the morning of 14 May, delivered a further 835 BTS antennas and 40 digital microwave links.. Over the period further deliveries of 700 BTS antennas, 30 digital microwave links and 18 portable repeaters were made.

In addition, Comba immediately dispatched a task force of technicians and engineers from its Guangzhou and Sichuan offices to consult and aid in the restoration of telecom services.

Efforts to supply solutions to the disaster zones are ongoing.

Donation of RMB1 Million Aid Relief at Beichuan Middle School

On behalf of Comba Telecom Systems (“Comba”), Mr. Tony TL Fok, Comba’s Chairman and President, Zhang Yuejun, Executive Vice President, and Yan Jici, Senior Vice President, donated RMB1 million to the Charity Federation for relief efforts of the victims at Beichuan Middle School.

Beichuan county of Mianyang City in Sichuan Province, was at the epicenter of the earthquake, where two five-story buildings of Beichuan Middle School collapsed, trapping more than 1,000 teachers and students in the rubble with many of them killed and buried.

Mr. Liu Yuelun, Chief Executive of Luogang District Government accepted the donation and expressed sincere gratitude to Comba and promised to deliver the donation to Beichuan Middle School as soon as possible.