Healthcare industry is experiencing ever increasing growth due to global population ageing, the rise of incidence of cancer diseases, outbreak of flus and many other chronic diseases. As the standards of living improved around the world, public and private hospitals or other healthcare institutions are investing a lot of money to improve their healthcare services and facilities.


In this digital age, there is a trend of healthcare communications towards the use of high-tech medical instruments, computerized and digitized medical records to increase operation efficiency and effectiveness. Tablets and smart phones can be used by the medical staff as a monitoring and recording devices on the patient’s condition and transmitted to the doctors and professors for examination.  

In such scenarios, it is vital that any wireless solution deployed in healthcare facilities do not cause interference with medical equipment.  As such, Comba’s network design and deployment engineers exhaustively test the solutions deployed to assure non-interference.


Comba’s Comflex-series of active DAS solution are available to provide wireless mobile coverage for multi-bands, multi-technologies and high power requirement scenario for the whole venue. Wi-Fi products are also available to offload traffic at hotspot areas.


Our solution is implemented in a major hospital in Boardman in Ohio USA.