The retail industry today is experiencing a tremendous amount of change in the way business is performed using push and pull marketing services through smart phones and devices. While shopping, people are searching for a brand’s closest store in relation to where they are and retailers are even sending a discount voucher while people entering their store. People could easily locate where and what they want to buy. This could not be done without wireless mobile coverage.  


Nowadays in our high-tech world, before making any purchase, consumers could make a comparison between goods and services through the internet on the pricing, discounts and size availability. And with the recent advancement in Virtual Reality (VR) technology, in the near coming future, customers could even see the 3D products virtually through VR applications using smart devices. All these applications require a fast, high bandwidth and reliable wireless network in order to deliver good quality of experience to the consumers.


Comba’s Comflex-series of active DAS solution are available to provide wireless mobile coverage for multi-bands, multi-technologies and high power requirement scenario for the entire shopping mall. Repeaters are available for smaller retail outlets. Wi-Fi products are also available to offload traffic at hotspot areas.


Our solution is implemented in Asia Pacific, Middle East, America and other countries.