Comba Telecom And China Unicom Jointly Announce Smart Campus Solution

Award-winning Solution Leverage Advantages of Comba Telecom’s Small Cell Products to Create Intelligent Learning Environment


(11 October, Hong Kong) – Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba Telecom”, Hong Kong stock code: 2342), a global leading wireless solutions provider, and China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute (“China Unicom”) have co-announced the Smart Campus Solution which debuted at the PT Expo China 2017 with a demonstration of its features and applications to the public.


The core element of the solution is based on the open mobile network capacity proposed by China Unicom, incorporating the self-developed Small Cell products of Comba Telecom, to set up a Mobile Edge Computing (“MEC”) gateway which can refine the characteristics of campus businesses, and construct a new wireless experience for campus users. The Smart Campus Solution was acknowledged as an innovation, also garnering the Annual Outstanding MEC Case Award at the PT Expo China 2017.


The Smart Campus Solution, which can be specifically configured for network applications in different campus scenarios, incorporates integration of mobile network location, business localization, business acceleration, MEC, artificial intelligence ("AI") and some more technologies. The solution facilitates teaching effectiveness and efficiency through the electronic courseware and network classroom localization enabled by 4G mobile networks. Also, it helps the campus to realize efficient sharing of multi-school experimental resources by using the cloud-based applications. AI recognition and Augmented Reality (“AR”) teaching technologies advance the attendance system and teaching management in an intelligent way. The use of an electronic fence optimizes classroom seat reservations, which ensures overall efficiency in utilizing campus resources. The most important feature of the solution is that students are able to demonstrate best practices under a quality learning environment enabled by this interface of the open mobile network capacity.


Mr. Zhang Yuan Jian, Executive Director and Senior Vice President at Comba Telecom said, "Smart living and the Internet of Things are the key trends of telecommunication technology in today's society. With the open mobile network capacity available in mainland China, the demand generated by quality networks for data, voice, video, communications and other content has been greatly increased. As a trusted partner of mobile operators and enterprises, Comba Telecom is constantly opening new areas in both wireless network hardware and innovative solutions to meet the huge demand of network users. Jointly developed with China Unicom, the Smart Campus Solution utilizes Comba Telecom’s Small Cell products and can help campuses create an intelligent learning environment so as to meet the requirements for the implementation of the smart campus. Through the combination of new technologies, all facilities and resources on the campus can be connected to the community and the region, thereby establishing a higher standard of smart living.”


Dr. Sheng Yu, Expert of Wireless Department of China Unicom said,” The solution implements an integration of a mobile networks and the smart campus. It enhances the quality of education and accelerates the modernization of education, as well as achieves a multi-dimensional sharing of resources and secure protection of information, which can realize the development of informative education within a wireless environment. Open mobile network capacity can not only be applied on a smart campus, it is also applicable in shopping malls, manufacturing and industry connectivity, the community, stadiums and other locations. In the evolution from 4G to 5G, the open mobile network capacity enables the exploration of a wide range of business and service solutions to accelerate the telecommunications transformation of mobile operators.”