Comba Telecom Selected by China Telecom as Supplier of 4G Network Base Station Antennas in China



(21 November 2016, Hong Kong) – Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited (“Comba Telecom” or “the Group”, Hong Kong stock code: 2342), a global leading wireless solutions provider, announced that it is selected as a major supplier in China Telecom’s recent tender for LTE base station antennas. The bid, named “LTE Phase V Wireless Network Equipment Open Tender”, is to supply 300,000 additional base stations to China Telecom to boost the company’s 4G LTE Network in rural and remote areas in China. Specifically, Comba Telecom’s new generation of RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) antennas with single band (800MHz), 4 ports and reduced footprint specifications will be supplied as a major product of the tender accordingly.


China currently experiences a mobile connectivity gap between its biggest cities and most rural areas. Networks covering Tier 1 cities often use the latest technology to provide the most up-to-date benefits to both mobile operators and their end-users, while rural areas are often serviced by previous generations of telecommunications equipment. China Telecom’s use of Comba Telecom’s base station antennas will upgrade its mobile connectivity in China’s remote and rural areas, expanding its 4G LTE network coverage.


Mr. Zhang Yuejun, Vice Chairman and President of Comba Telecom said: “We are excited to support China Telecom in achieving their goal – connecting more people across a larger geography with mobile networks. Increasingly, people around the world access the internet for the first time from a mobile device, and China is a notable example of this phenomenon. We are honored to contribute in improving internet access and communication options for so many rural residents and travelers.”


In September 2016, EJL Wireless Research reaffirmed Comba Telecom as a Tier 1 antenna supplier for the fifth consecutive year. The Group is among the world’s top three suppliers by unit volume. In 2015, the top three suppliers, including Comba Telecom, shipped more than 2.7 million units.


Antenna Product features:

(1)   In comparison with traditional 4-port antennas, Comba Telecom’s compact side-by-side design reduces width by 20% and weight by 25%, thus facilitating rapid deployment.

(2)   RCU (Remote Control Unit) features innovative design with configuration-free, plug and play features to improve reliability of the electrical tilt system and reduce maintenance costs.

(3)   Components are sourced from internationally renowned suppliers and product assembled with 100% automated production for excellent stability and reliability