Comba Announces the Imminent Completion of the 3G-Ready Shenzhen, China Subway System, Along with the Launch of its Complete 3G Product Portfolio

(18 November 2004 – Hong Kong) – Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited ("Comba" or the "Group", stock code:, today announced the near completion of the 3G-ready Shenzhen subway coverage system at the 3G World Congress & Exhibition 2004 held in Hong Kong. Additionally, Comba launched to the public its completed 3G product line at the Congress event.
As the exhibition comes to an end, construction on Shenzhen, China's new subway system nears its conclusion. Comba employed its own portfolio of 3G products including Point of Interface (POI) units, passive products, active repeater products, and numerous models from its vast antenna product line for the ubiquitous coverage of the Asia's newest subway system.

Using experience gained from designing and implementing over 2,000 large-scale in-building projects, Comba designed, installed, and commissioned the complete underground project over a 6-month period. Comba's system covers both lines of the 19-kilometer, 21-station subway system. This system provides seamless coverage for all concourses, ticketing areas, platforms, and tunnels for GSM, DCS, CDMA, WLAN, Digital TV, and 3G services for all present and future providers. The network allows 3G services to be added effortlessly without the need for expensive retrofitting. Comba was also the solutions provider for the passive coaxial network which runs throughout the system. In addition to providing the hardware and turn-key solution expertise, Comba implemented an advanced Operations and Management Center to monitor and control the underground's complete distribution system.

The 3G Congress Exhibition also gave Comba a venue to showcase its recently completed 3G product line to the public. Comba's booth featured numerous 3G products including indoor/outdoor/camouflaged antennas, boosters, and wireless/optical repeaters. The event also displayed the company's newest dynamic capacity solutions. Utilizing its vast product line, Comba can now provide complete end-to-end 3G solutions to customers around the world.

"With the imminent launch of 3G in China, we expect to see a drastic increase in the demand for Comba's complete 3G solutions. Our latest 3G products and solutions can further extend mobile network coverage and capacity for both outdoor and indoor areas. Proper coverage solutions increase both customer satisfaction and the revenue of operators. In China, our strong market position and installed base should allow us to capture a healthy portion of this large capital investment. Our core competencies in advanced R&D and manufacturing in addition to the economies of scale we achieve will propel us into the future as we rapidly expand internationally," concluded Mr. Tony Fok, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Group.