Comba Telecom participated in the HKIA Technovation Conference & Exhibition

Event Report | Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong International Airport

On Sept. 15, 2015, Comba Telecom participated in the HKIA Technovation Conference-cum-Exhibition which was organized by the Hong Kong Airport Authority with the theme of “Smart Airport-Object Tracking”. The event features keynote presentations given by airport partners and technologists on the airport indoor and outdoor tracking application and the latest technologies development. Twenty exhibitors from ICT companies, university and research institutes have showcased potential tracking applications at the Hong Kong Regal Airport Hotel.     

As one of the exhibitors, Comba Telecom has successfully introduced our indoor locating solution which is based on the advanced TDOA technology and mainly comprised of locating AP, locating tag, locating server and control platform. Our high accuracy live demo at the booth has attracted many visitors’ interests including the HKIA CEO Mr. Fred Lam.   

During the conference, Mr. C K Ng Executive Director or Airport Authority describe the locating technologies that will be deployed in Hong Kong International Airport to increase operation efficiency and user experience. GPS will be used for internal motorized vehicle location and fleet management. Wi-Fi tag technology will be used for internal asset tracking. HKIA will also install 8,000 – 10,000 BLE beacons inside the airport for passenger positioning HKIA will develop their own mobile application for features such way finding and virtual signage.  

In the exhibition, 4 location technologies are hottest: GPS, WiFi, Beacons and video surveillance image processing. GPS and WiFi are used by the industry for years and has very mature product and solution. Beacons and video surveillance are new comers which accelerates by the popularity of smart phone especially Apple iBeacon feature and tremendous installation base of video camera. Obviously, indoor location technology has attract many companies’ interest in combination with O2O (online to offline) and big data analysis and industry ecosystem is growing more mature.