Electricity Supply for Combas Production Guarantee

The production and R&D base of Comba Telecom Systems in Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District (GET) has been upgraded to Category A electricity supply enterprise by the Economic Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Government, which means 24 hours non-interrupting electricity supply is guaranteed by the Guangzhou Electricity Supply Corp. during the heavy load seasons. This resulted from the awareness by the GET management committee of the importance of guaranteeing non-interrupting production of Comba and good communication with the Economy Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Government and Guangzhou Electricity Supply Corp.
The Economic Committee of Guangzhou Municipal Government released an announcement on July 9, 2004, re-assigning the priority of electricity supply to some enterprises. Comba was upgraded from Category B (one-day-weekly power cut) to Category A (24 hours non-interrupting electricity supply). 

Comba has been operating close to its production capacity since April 2004. However, it was originally classified as Category B enterprise. This would lower Comba’s efficiency. In order to ensure our production is not affected, Comba made it clear to the GET management committee that Comba is a low energy consumption enterprise with high value added product output. Mr. Ling, chief of the GET management committee came to Comba himself to get better understanding of Comba’s operation. The inspection was fruitful and led to upgrading of Comba’s electricity supply priority on July 9.