Comba Telecom Wins the Largest Share in Bid for China Unicom 2022 Central Procurement of Base Station Antennas


 Comba further consolidates the Industry Leading Position in the Global Antenna Market


Recently Comba Telecom won the tender of China Unicom 2022 Central Procurement for Base Station Antennas and was awarded the largest winning share of 37.5%. The tender scope covers 1.35 million Base Station Antennas, including 900MHz, 2.1GHz, and 3.5GHz single-band and multi-band antennas. This project sets a new record for Comba Telecom, with the highest tender award value of Base Station Antennas in its history.



As a global leading provider of wireless and communications systems, Comba Telecom explores and innovates new technologies and forward-thinking solutions for mobile antenna systems to enable operators to build green, low-carbon, intelligent, and highly efficient 5G networks.



In mid-2022, we released the high-end 4G/5G (8T8R) integrated Base Station Antenna (BSA). As the industry-first low-loss, high-efficiency, and low-carbon Green Antenna; it can extend the mobile coverage or as a one-to-one replacement with the same mobile site coverage, the energy consumption and carbon footprint can be reduced. Comba Telecom has conducted trial projects with China Unicom in multiple provinces in China, the results are convincing. Comba Telecom will continue to work with global leading operators to accelerate the commercial deployments of our low-loss, high-efficiency, low-carbon Green Antennas, speeding up the path to carbon-neutral Radio Access Networks, and driving the future of sustainable Green 5G networks.