Antenna Site

Global operators are moving fast to expand their networks in order to meet the rising capacity demand, and the outdoor site has become more and more complex in term of antenna configuration to support multi-band and multi-system network. For instance, co-location of TD-LTE and LTE-FDD sites require extra care on interference management between the two networks. Subsequently, more and more technical and implementation challenges will arise as the deployment of cellular network on unlicensed band accelerates.

On top of the performance requirement, the antenna system also requires ease of optimization and monitoring as well as low visual perception. The antenna system has to be intelligent to address the challenges facing operators now, for instance the basic remote tilting capability. In addition, due to site densification, the high profile visuals of a mass of antenna systems has become a concern, and regulators are beginning to tighten the requirements on antenna specifications such as dimensions and footprint.

As a leading global antenna system solution provider, Comba provides cost effective solution to meet regulation, performance and environmental requirements. With Comba’s decades of expertise and global experience, fast roll out with interference-free performance is achievable.

Comba’s antenna site solutions include base station antenna, customized combiner and filter solution, camouflaged antenna and tower mounted extended coverage system.

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