Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will have a profound impact in the future. Enabling everything to be connected and providing ’smartness’ to these connected things will bring value across a number of sectors in the Networked Society. Upon on this, different IoT applications will be developed for end users in various fields.

Following the IoT trend, Comba is engaged with a number of partners from various Industries and Academia to develop new IoT solutions including smart building, smart infrastructure, smart energy management, etc.

Besides, to coordinate with the development of IoT, carrier’s network will be improved to support more devices at lower cost and larger coverage. The most popular technology is the NB-IoT, which is part of the LPWA technology.

In this case, Comba will continue to provide wireless enhancement as there are more and more devices connected to the cellular network in IoT era. Comba utilizes its world-leading wireless enhancement technology to provide end-to-end IoT network connectivity and help relieve the burden of the operateor’s network.