FDD Ultra-broadband Multiple Ports Antenna


Stepping into the 5G Era, telecom operators are actively expediting the deployment of 5G networks to meet the rising mobile data traffic and increasing demand for IoT connectivity. With the growing number of upgrade requirements for technology and coverage on macro and rooftop cell sites, new 5G antenna installations are becoming more complex and finding space to accommodate new antennas poses a challenge.

Comba’s FDD Ultra-broadband Multiple Ports Antenna Series adopts an all-in-one design to support multiple bands and technologies. With up to 30 access ports, the solution is designed for FDD Multiple Antenna System scenarios, supporting diverse FDD frequency bands, including the 700MHz - 2.6GHz mainstream spectrum and the new 1.4GHz spectrum. The integrated design guarantees higher product reliability and meeting the requirements of utilizing limited installation space for converged 4G/5G network development, thus reducing the total cost of installation and maintenance.



Integrated Antenna Solutions for the Future Network