Active+Passive Integrated Antenna


Lack of site space is the challenge tower companies and telecom operators have been facing when deploying 5G on existing cell sites, especially in densely populated urban areas. With passive and active components incorporated into a single radome, the Comba Active+Passive Integrated Antenna solution enables operators to upgrade their existing sites for improved coverage, capacity, and end-user experience.

 With combined passive and active architecture, the antenna supports 5G 32TR/64TR configurations and gives access to multi-RAT, multi-connectivity covering a full range of sub-6GHz bands: 700&800&900M/1.8G/2.1G/2.6G/3.5 GHz. 5G and 4G components share the same mechanical position in the all-in-one design, enabling a faster implementation of 5G to provide quality network coverage in limited site space. Also, spectral efficiency and network performance are enhanced at a lower installation cost. The compact design significantly reduces the windward area to boost the wind load performance of a cellular tower or similar installation structures.