Comba attaches importance to supplier CSR management. Starting from 2007, Comba strengthening Supply Chain CSR management by formulating supplier certification and management process, improving supplier appraisal and audit measurement, and determining CSR, operation environment, occupation health and safety management as the important factors for supplier appraisal and selection.

Comba conducts on-spot audit of risky suppliers based upon CSR questionnaire result and helps suppliers to meet relative CSR requirements.

  • Supplier CSR Policy and Requirement

Comba advocates ethical business practices & social responsibility in the supply chain. 《Supplier Code of Conduct》reflects Comba’s requirements on its suppliers in the aspects of showing respect to employees, environmental protection ands social responsibility.

  • Integrity & compliance with law
  • Employees are valued and treated with respect and dignity
  • Environment protection
  • Supplier CSR Certification

Comba formulates 《Supplier Code of Conduct》and《Supplier CSR Control Procedure》, revises supplier certification and management process templates, conducts key supplier audit and urges them to enhance CSR.

  • Supplier CSR Risk Assessment

Comba signs CSR Agreement with its certified suppliers that includes business ethics, environment protection, and social responsibility, and adopts various measures to manage supplier CSR risk. E.g. Conducts on-spot audit of high-risk suppliers and follows up the improvement.

  • Win-Win

Comba implements ethical sourcing methods, optimizes negotiation and communication procedure, establishes supervisory mechanism to ensure fair operation and achieve win-win with its suppliers.