Whilst accelerating its own development in a healthy and rapid manner, the Group is devoted to supporting social charity and proactively fulfills its social responsibilities and obligations. It has devoted many human and financial resources to various aspects including public welfare activities, poverty alleviation, donations for school, staff care and expressing greetings and concern to the injured and disabled. In 2020, the Group made a total donation of HK$768,000 in the PRC on aspects such as social charity, poverty alleviation, provision of financial assistance to poor students and social activities.

During the pandemic, the Group actively made deployment for prevention and control of the pandemic and realized zero infection case. The Group was among the first batch of enterprises in Guangzhou which resumed work and production after the Chinese New Year and has made good administrative preparation for resumption of work and production in the three bases. Related measures included daily disinfection in the bases, supply of catering service in canteens, virus testing for staff in relation to shuttle bus and gate entry. At the same time, quarantine rooms were set up in dormitories for employees returning to Guangzhou from high-risk regions hit by the pandemic. The work in relation to prevention and control of the pandemic after resumption of work has gained recognition from both the regional government and the municipal government.

During the preliminary stage of the pandemic, the Group has set up an emergency team for pandemic prevention and control to perform division of labour during the outbreak. The team promptly collected and purchased antipandemic items for employees’ use after the Chinese New Year holiday and for disinfection in the bases. An online platform on Corporate WeChat was also built to promptly release over 20 announcements relating to the related prevention and control, with a view to guiding the Group and various departments to implement prevention and control measures for employees. The schedules of employees during their holidays were also collected to timely keep abreast of their health conditions. Besides, the Group secured supply and timely transportation of antipandemic items, providing comprehensive support and security for resumption of work and production. In addition to a total of 520,000 boxes of meal distributed and 400,000 masks purchased and distributed, with relentless efforts of team in coordination and procurement, the Group has also provided its employees with anti-pandemic items such as Chinese herbal medicines, masks, forehead thermometers, hand wash, disinfectant alcohol, disinfectant, paper hand towel, paper for pressing lift buttons and protective gloves during 2020.

The Group also paid attention to personal care by implementing measures related to employment stabilization to safeguard employees’ benefits. During the fighting against the pandemic, employees who were not able to come to work as normal due to the pandemic in accordance with the requirements of the relevant guidance as promulgated by the government, or employees who were able to work from home were so arranged to work and remunerated as normal, while employees who were not able to work from home were given priority to take paid leaves and be arranged for leave. At the same time, shift of duty was also adopted to secure the income of employees.