Comba Host AISG Meeting in Hong Kong

Comba Telecom was the host of the latest AISG meeting where leading antenna suppliers, base station vendors and operators convened to discuss international antenna standards.  One of the main highlights in the AISG meeting is the proposal to integrate AISG standard into TD-SCDMA antenna system. This proposal was presented by Doctor Jin Lei, who was invited to the meeting by Comba, from China Mobile. He highlighted the TD-SCDMA antenna was a joint effort with Comba Telecom in his presentation and this boosted Comba image as the major telecom equipment supplier in China and the world to the audience.
Following on from the main meeting, Comba Telecom invited key AISG members and operators to tour the Hong Kong Science Park.

Attendees included:
- China Mobile
- Smartone Vodafone
- Nokia Siemens Networks
- Ericsson
- Domital
- Gemitek
Onwards, some of the guests were also invited to visit Guangzhou Science City facilities. The agenda for Guangzhou factory tour included:

- Product line overview presentation by each business unit
- Visit antenna, TMA & repeater production line and environmental test facilities
- Visit anechoic chamber in Comba Science City facility
- Meetings with each business unit on strategic product marketing in Comba Science City office

The factory visit showcased Comba's manufacturing and R&D capabilities to the guests. They were impressed with the production and testing facilities, especially the gigantic anechoic chamber, and reckoned that Comba is a big player in the telecom manufacturing industry and a worthy business partner to work with.

The guests that were invited to GZ factory tour on 26th Sep includes:

- Ricky Myers (Comba, NAM Sales)
- Kent Taylor (Comba, NAM Sales)
- Juan Carlos (Domitol, NAM distributor)
- Jesse Huang (Gemintek, CCU-001AG supplier)
- Roger Wei (Gemintek, CCU-001AG supplier)
- Torbjörn Lindh (Ericsson)