Distributed Point Unit (850+1900+EAWS+2600)-External antenna


Model No.DPU9000-8519EA26A00MK1A

Frequency Band824-849/869-894MHz, 1850-1910/1930-1990MHz, 1710-1780/2110-2200MHz, 2500-2570/2620-2690MHz

Standard IF BandwidthN/A

Output Power850: 17dBm, 1900/EAWS/2600: 21dBm

Data Rate of Optical Port12.5Gb/s

Optcial Connector TypeLC/PC

Dimension62 x250x 250

DescriptionFrequency range: 824-849/869-894MHz, 1850-1910/1930-1990MHz, 1710-1780/2110-2200MHz, 2500-2570/2620-2690MHz. For 850 the output power is17dBm, for1900, EAWS and 2600 the output power is 21dBm. The instantaneous bandwidth of EAWS is 70MHz. Support external antenna for all bands.

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