Ms. HUO Xinru

Executive Director, Senior Vice President and President of Comba Telecom Systems International Limited

Ms. Huo Xinru (霍欣茹), aged 36, is an executive director of the Company. She is also senior vice president of the Group and president of Comba Telecom Systems International Limited. Ms. Huo also holds various positions in the subsidiaries of the Company, including acting as director and chief executive officer. She is mainly responsible for the relevant management work delegated by the Group and the operation and management of Comba Telecom Systems International Limited. She graduated from Imperial College London in 2007 majoring in electrical and electronic engineering, and obtained a bachelor’s degree; graduated from Stanford University in the USA in 2009 majoring in (electrical engineering) digital signal processing, and obtained a master’s degree. Ms. Huo has served successively such positions as software and application engineer, customer manager, and vice president of marketing in North America branch of the Group. She joined the Group in 2010. Ms. Huo is the daughter of Mr. Fok Tung Ling.